What Message is Your Front Door Sending?

The front door is one of the first things that people see when they are visiting your home. Do you know what your front door says about you?

Front Door Color

The color that you choose for your front door can convey a message. If you stick with the plain white door, there’s a good chance that visitors will simply assume that you never bothered to put some personality into a door that was purchased at a home improvement store.

Metro News explains what kind of message other colors send to visitors.

• Red indicates that the occupants are full of energy and passion.

• Brown is associated with both a desire for privacy and a message of warmth, so visitors may be confused about the message that the homeowners intend to convey.

• Blue makes visitors think that the home is a serene sanctuary. Blue is one of the most popular front door colors.

• Green is a peaceful color that is often associated with earthiness.

• Black means strength and sophistication. People who choose this front door color are likely to have modern decor inside the home.

Condition of the Front Door

If your front door is in disrepair, you’re sending out a bad message: “Welcome, burglars.” Anyone who is considering stealing from homes in your neighborhood is sure to take notice if your front door is in poor condition. If you have broken or otherwise damaged windows on your front door, make the effort to purchase replacement windows in Fort Wayne and have them installed as soon as possible.

Style Messages

Styles of the decorative features of a door also say something about the occupants of a home. Ornate decorations are often connected to a busy personality, and a plain door that is simply painted a solid color signifies that a family is very traditional.

Unusual designs including stripes and polka dots tell visitors that the occupants have a quirky personality.

If you’re ready for a new door that can convey your personality and welcome visitors to your home, contact Hoosier Windows for a quality selection of doors in Fort Wayne.