Vinyl Siding for Residences in Fort Wayne, Defiance, Van Wert, Columbia City, and Surrounding Areas in Indiana and Ohio

Vinyl sidingReliable vinyl siding is vital to ensuring the energy efficiency of your home in Fort Wayne, Defiance, Van Wert, Columbia City, or another nearby community in OH or IN. At Hoosier Windows and Siding, we provide several different lines of siding, including offerings from Cedar Ridge, Premium Point, and Market Square. Our Cedar Ridge siding, in particular, features a hand-milled finish designed to make it resemble real cedar planks, but the real advantages of this particular type of vinyl siding aren’t limited to its appearance. Cedar Ridge siding is built from a unique polystyrene and graphite composite called Neopor™ that not only makes the siding incredibly durable, but also makes give it a high thermal resistance, which can help to keep your home’s temperature stable year-round. This in turn means that your home’s cooling and heating systems will not have to work as hard, which can help you save significant amounts of money on your monthly energy costs.

Here are just a few additional benefits of our Cedar Ridge house siding products:

  • This vinyl siding is virtually maintenance-free, which means that it will never warp, crack, decay, or have to be repainted.
  • Cedar Ridge is available in 22 stunning colors, as well as a variety of board lengths and widths.
  • It’s 240 percent more impact resistant than standard fiber cement siding and is wind resistant up to 200 mph, which means it can withstand all but the strongest hurricanes.
  • Cedar Ridge has 400 percent more built-in insulation than typical vinyl siding, helping to maximize your home’s energy efficiency.
  • And more

Contact Hoosier Windows and Siding today to learn more about our vinyl siding options for homeowners in Fort Wayne, Defiance, Van Wert, Columbia City, and the surrounding communities in Ohio and Indiana. We also proudly provide a number of other home improvement products, including roofing, home windows, home doors, and much more.