Indianapolis Window Repair and Replacement

Don’t let the State of Your Home Fall Through The Cracks

Living in Indianapolis, your windows do more than invite the sunshine into each room and let you see the outside world from within your home. They also cool or warm the interior depending on the season and their quality. Old or poorly maintained windows fail after some time and can affect your energy bill as air escapes out of and into your home. Hoosier wants to improve your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic while saving you money over the long term with new replacement windows.

To Repair or To Replace

Not everyone needs to install new windows. In fact, if you own a newer home, chances are that it has energy-efficient windows installed already. If a crack in the seal appears or the glass breaks, repairing the damage is a simple task for Hoosier. However, if you have an older home with windows that have seen better days, you may want to consider replacing them altogether.

How do you know if you need window repair?

Failing windows don’t always show visible signs. Sure, if you see cracks form around the window frame or if the window no longer shuts properly, you’ll know right away that there’s a problem. However, sometimes it’s what you feel rather than what you see. If there’s a draft or the air feels warmer or cooler near the window, it’s a sign that your windows are decreasing your home’s energy efficiency and costing you money.
Low-E Windows to the Rescue

Hoosier specializes in window repair and replacement and has worked to improve homes since 1955. We’ve learned a lot since then and have seen some remarkable products show up in that time, such as low-emissivity windows. Low-E windows, as they’re also called, have a special coating and glazing that reflect the sun’s energy back out into the environment. This coating keeps heat outside where it belongs instead of in your home where it causes unwanted temperature fluctuations.

Low-E windows will also help to prevent premature color fading in your curtains, furniture and carpet. Improving your home’s energy efficiency lowers your energy bills while also helping the environment. You won’t use as much electricity to heat or to cool your home, thus you’ll reduce the load on the power grid. The windows will keep in the cool air during the summer and insulate your home each winter.

Professional Window Replacement in Indianapolis

Want to learn more about low-E windows and how they can improve your home’s energy efficiency? Contact us directly for more information or to set up a consultation. We do more than repair and replace windows; we also offer professional siding and door services. Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s aesthetic or to reduce your monthly energy costs, Hoosier can help make it happen.

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