Durable House Siding for Homes in Goshen, IN & All Nearby Areas

House Siding Goshen INThe house siding offered by Hoosier Windows and Siding in Goshen, Indiana, is ideal for homeowners who want a product that can provide an attractive exterior as well as outstanding protection from the elements. We offer products made by industry leader Cedar Ridge, a company dedicated to creating the very best siding on the market. Cedar Ridge house siding is made of a vinyl exterior layer and polystyrene composite called Neopor® that provides an unsurpassed combination of energy efficiency and durability, and ensures that our siding will never crack, chip, warp, or distend, even after decades of exposure to the elements. What’s more, Neopor® composite is also highly energy efficient, acting as a built-in insulator for our Cedar Ridge siding to give each panel an impressive R-value of 4. This R-value indicates that our siding will help to keep your home’s temperature at a consistent level year-round, which will not only make your daily life more comfortable, it might even help you save on your energy costs.

Cedar Ridge house siding also incorporates a number of other features that make it an ideal choice for your home in Goshen, Indiana, including:

  • Sound dampening technology to reduce outside noise pollution by up to 45%
  • A hand-milled pattern that allows the composite exterior to resemble real cedar wood
  • A patented water release system that vents water out through dedicated shunts, avoiding waterlogging and moisture damage

If you’d like to learn more about the house siding options we offer in Goshen, IN, and all neighboring communities, contact Hoosier Windows and Siding today.