Superior House Siding for Homes in Indianapolis, IN & Other Nearby Communities

House Siding Indianapolis INIs your house siding looking a little under the weather? If so, Hoosier Windows and Siding can provide your Indianapolis, Indiana, home with a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing siding solution. Our premium siding options come from industry leader Energy Wall and boast exclusive designs, elite insulation technology, and deep cedar embossment, all of which contribute to your home’s overall curb appeal. The panels of our Energy Wall siding are 20 percent thicker and 35 percent larger than the industry standard, allowing them to extend a full ¾-inch from your house and create a sophisticated, three-dimensional appearance. Plus, their thickness allows our panels to remain snugly in place and reduces the occurrence of surface irregularities to provide a seamlessly smooth sightline.

In addition to being an aesthetically appealing asset, our house siding also features a number of advantages over other options for homes in the Indianapolis, IN, area, including:

  • Resistance against winds up to 193 miles per hour
  • Tuff-Lock™ technology that locks every panel above to every panel below for exceptional durability
  • Zero maintenance needed to maintain the look and quality of your new house siding
  • Four color palettes and 21 colors to select from
  • An Armor Cat™ finish that protects your siding’s color from fading in the sun’s heat
  • 100 percent recyclable vinyl material, making our siding eco-friendly and easy on the environment
  • Neopor™ Thermal Insulation that is engineered to maximize thermal performance and promote a stable temperature within your home all year long
  • And more

To learn more about our premier house siding for your home in Indianapolis, IN, or another nearby area, contact Hoosier Windows and Siding today.