Fiberglass Windows for Homes in Defiance & Van Wert, OH

Fiberglass Windows Defiance OH, Van WertFiberglass windows can make your home in Defiance or Van Wert, Ohio, more beautiful and exceptionally energy efficient. At Hoosier Windows and Siding, we’re proud to offer fiberglass window solutions from Armaclad, an innovative window manufacturer we’ve selected to supply our products because of their commitment to staying on the leading edge of window technology.

At Hoosier Windows and Siding, we’ve chosen to provide fiberglass windows because of their many practical benefits, which surpass windows made out of pure vinyl in several key areas. Fiberglass window products have unequaled structural strength, possessing frames that are eight times stronger than vinyl and twice as strong as window-grade aluminum. As a result of this strength, fiberglass windows can be manufactured to be larger than traditional windows, and also feature much higher glass-to-frame ratios, allowing for beautiful, sweeping views of the outdoors. Fiberglass frames are also exceptional when it comes to weathering the elements – our windows will never warp, distend, or fade, and may well be the last windows your home will ever need.

Another key benefit of our fiberglass windows is their energy efficiency. In addition to possessing frames that don’t conduct heat (unlike aluminum) our windows boast a number of state-of-the-art features designed to maximize their energy efficiency. They include:

  • Cardinal LoE2 or LoE3 low-emissivity glass, with an optional Solar Tuning™ coating that maximizes each pane’s energy efficiency and reflects radiant heat and ultraviolet radiation away from your home
  • Triple compression seals to prevent air and water infiltration
  • Foam filled jambs and heads for greater insulation
  • And more

These features enable our fiberglass windows to limit the transfer of heat into or out of your home, which helps to stabilize your house’s indoor temperature regardless of the weather outdoors. Because of this, our windows will make it so that your air conditioner and heater will no longer have to work as hard or run as long, which, in turn, can help you save on your monthly energy costs.

For more information about the fiberglass windows we offer in Defiance and Van Wert, OH, contact Hoosier Windows and Siding today.