Custom Windows for Your Residence in Ft Wayne, Van Wert, Warsaw, Columbia City & All Surrounding Cities in Ohio & Indiana

Custom WindowsCustom windows may be an ideal solution if your home requires irregular or unusual window sizes. At Hoosier Windows and Siding, we proudly serve customers in Ft Wayne, Van Wert, Warsaw, Columbia City, and other communities in Ohio and Indiana. We offer premium custom windows from Gorell, a highly respected manufacturer of energy efficient window solutions. Gorell windows are tailor-made to fit your home, and are available in 1/8 inch increments of height and width to ensure a perfect fit with the window openings of your home. In addition to coming in various sizes, Gorell windows are available in an impressive array of styles, which ensures that you’ll find the perfect custom windows to suit your home.

Our most popular window styles include:

Best of all, these stunning replacement windows will also help to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Using features like low-emissivity glass coatings, argon and krypton gas fills, and foam-insulated frames, Gorell custom windows can help to keep the internal temperature of your home stable year-round. In addition to providing a more comfortable environment for you and your loved ones, this stabilization will also ease the strain on your home’s cooling and heating systems, which in turn may result in noticeably reductions to your monthly energy costs.

For additional information about our custom windows and how we can adapt them to suit your needs, contact Hoosier Windows and Siding today. We also proudly provide home siding installation, roofing contractor work, and other home improvement services to homeowners in Ft Wayne, Van Wert, Warsaw, Columbia City, and other cities in Indiana and Ohio.