What a Pane! – What You Can Expect From New Windows

It’s Clear to See That This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Window

Window glass faces three hazards in its fight against weather. It has to withstand strong winds and flying storm debris. It must resist conduction, a process which transfers heat from your warm rooms to the cold outdoors. It has to deal with sunlight causing glare and overheating your rooms.

Fortunately, the simple sheet of glass has learned some new tricks. Modern window panes have options to help reduce your energy costs while also making your home safer and more comfortable.

Insulated glass
Also known as double- or triple-glazed windows, insulated glass consists of two or more panes arranged like the bread in a sandwich, with spacers to keep them apart. The sandwich filling is simply air. This air gap prevents the loss of heat from conduction. It’s a simple and very effective way to cut energy costs.

Gas filled glass
In this style of insulated window, an inert gas replaces the air, offering even better thermal protection.

Low-emissivity coatings
Emissivity refers to the ability of glass to transmit heat. Low-e coatings added to insulated glass reflect heat energy back toward its source. Heat from the sun stays outside, and warmth from your room stays inside.

Reflective coatings
A popular choice in hot, sunny climates, reflective coatings reduce glare and block heat transfer.

Heat-absorbing tints
Tinted glazing absorbs much of the incoming solar radiation. It reduces glare and cuts down on heat transfer. Window tints also provide light control by blocking part of the visible light spectrum.

Spectrally selective coatings
Unlike tinted glass, windows with spectrally selective coatings can block heat while still allowing full visible light to enter the room. These coatings work by blocking just part of the spectrum, such as UV or infrared radiation. The result is a bright, sunny room that doesn’t get too warm.

Impact-resistant glass
Impact-resistant windows are a popular choice in hurricane country. These windows provide extra safety from flying debris during tornado weather, too. With layers of glass bonded to a flexible membrane, this glass resists breaking. If it does break, the inner layer holds the window together. Storefronts, picture windows or any windows that are at risk from vandals or burglars are good candidates for impact-resistant glass.

Put It All Together
These types of glass aren’t just either-or options. Most coatings work with window systems that use air or gas as an insulating layer. There are several things to consider when choosing the type of glass to use. Is heat loss during winter a concern, or do you need to worry about the cost of air conditioning? Does one side of the house get too much light? Are hail storms and gusty winds frequent occurrences? Do you worry about privacy?

Of course, the best window glass made won’t do any good if it’s in the wrong frame. When you make the investment in new or replacement windows for your home, make sure your contractor uses high-quality window frames.

For help selecting the best type of window for your Indiana home, contact us at Hoosier Windows and Siding. Our experts will find the ideal solutions to keep your home safe, comfortable and energy-efficient. We’re a family owned business dedicated to unsurpassed quality and service.

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Indianapolis Window Repair and Replacement

Don’t let the State of Your Home Fall Through The Cracks

Living in Indianapolis, your windows do more than invite the sunshine into each room and let you see the outside world from within your home. They also cool or warm the interior depending on the season and their quality. Old or poorly maintained windows fail after some time and can affect your energy bill as air escapes out of and into your home. Hoosier wants to improve your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic while saving you money over the long term with new replacement windows.

To Repair or To Replace

Not everyone needs to install new windows. In fact, if you own a newer home, chances are that it has energy-efficient windows installed already. If a crack in the seal appears or the glass breaks, repairing the damage is a simple task for Hoosier. However, if you have an older home with windows that have seen better days, you may want to consider replacing them altogether.

How do you know if you need window repair?

Failing windows don’t always show visible signs. Sure, if you see cracks form around the window frame or if the window no longer shuts properly, you’ll know right away that there’s a problem. However, sometimes it’s what you feel rather than what you see. If there’s a draft or the air feels warmer or cooler near the window, it’s a sign that your windows are decreasing your home’s energy efficiency and costing you money.
Low-E Windows to the Rescue

Hoosier specializes in window repair and replacement and has worked to improve homes since 1955. We’ve learned a lot since then and have seen some remarkable products show up in that time, such as low-emissivity windows. Low-E windows, as they’re also called, have a special coating and glazing that reflect the sun’s energy back out into the environment. This coating keeps heat outside where it belongs instead of in your home where it causes unwanted temperature fluctuations.

Low-E windows will also help to prevent premature color fading in your curtains, furniture and carpet. Improving your home’s energy efficiency lowers your energy bills while also helping the environment. You won’t use as much electricity to heat or to cool your home, thus you’ll reduce the load on the power grid. The windows will keep in the cool air during the summer and insulate your home each winter.

Professional Window Replacement in Indianapolis

Want to learn more about low-E windows and how they can improve your home’s energy efficiency? Contact us directly for more information or to set up a consultation. We do more than repair and replace windows; we also offer professional siding and door services. Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s aesthetic or to reduce your monthly energy costs, Hoosier can help make it happen.

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Should I Choose Picture Windows or Mullions?

Should I Choose Picture Windows or Mullions?

Windows4You may already familiar with the large, unadorned pane of glass that is called a picture window. But if you’re looking forreplacement windows in Fort Wayne, you also have other options. Mullions are vertical beams or solid pieces that fit into windows. While they originally meant to support large windows, they now serve a decorative purpose.

Mullion windows are a great way to add architectural interest to an otherwise plain home. However, they fit best in homes that have a more traditional style. They also provide more privacy to windows that are in bedrooms or when your home is very close to a neighbor’s. While mullions are available in varying lengths, homeowners should realize that this design element can make windows appear cluttered as well. A good way to “test drive” mullions is to put masking tape lines on large windows to get a similar visual effect.

Picture windows are a more recent design possibility, so they pair great with modern homes. They offer clean lines and uncluttered panes. These large windows are also best if you have a particularly stunning or panoramic view that you don’t want to be blocked in any way. The other side of this is that picture windows are less desirable if your window reveals an unpleasant view or a neighbor’s yard.

Changing the look of your windows can be a big step, so make sure that you have considered all of your options. At Hoosier Windows (Fort Wayne roofing and window providers), we will be able to show you samples and give a professional opinion on which window style is best for you and your home. But at the end of the day, choose the style that you prefer, and you’ll be able to enjoy your new windows for years to come.

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